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Hey I'm Andrew

A long time ago I left my government job to become a dog trainer in Ottawa.  It was not too long after that I realized many dogs in the area were starving for a safe dog friendly place to romp around with other dogs to explore social relationships and develop friendships. 

This kind of socialization serves many positive purposes for the modern day family canine including providing healthy exercise, outdoor time and mental stimulation.

The daycare operates from 6:30am to  6:00pm it is NOT A COMMERCIAL LOCATION.  The daycare dogs get an exposure to a wide variety of day to day activities from gardening and yard work to wood working and games.   

Any puppy that is in good health can be at daycare.

Food + Exercise = Risk of Bloat
For this an also for reasons related to food aggression there is NO FOOD AT DAYCARE. 

Dogs are permitted to be off leash while at daycare so long as they are respectful of the other daycare dogs.  

New dogs can require significant attention so only 1 new dog is permitted on any given day. 

The daycare pack is different every day and it is varied in both ages and breeds. 


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6358 Rothbourne Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

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