In many ways TDC is the house Brinkley built.  My name is Andrew and that's my old dog Brinkley. A long time ago I decided to leave my government job to become a dog trainer - it was quite the journey and Brinkley was pretty much at my side each step of the way. 

While I learned so much early in that journey from numerous other dog trainers and behaviourists it was Brinkley who had the most to teach from the day I opened Total Dog Care in 2012. 

I run the dog daycare from my home neslted on the most southern tip of Carp a stone's throw away from Stittsville and each weekday the objective is simple : provide dogs with a stress-free environment to socialize with each other, learn from one an other and play!

Each dog is totally unique and each dog will have a unique experience with daycare.  A dog's level of comfort and confidence in daycare relies on countless factors from the make-up of its original canine family to the number (like the age of mom, the size of the litter, how long the litter was kept together) to the behaviours and experiences that its human family have promoted or discouraged. 

If you'd like to read a bit more about my daycare services please click below to read the daycare contract and don't hestitate to get in touch for a chat :)